Chinese Eggs: To Use or Not to Use?

Chinese eggs come from an endangered species of Chinese chicken. It is said that these chicken population has been severely decreasing due to over-harvesting and farming methods, and it is considered one of the most threatened species in China. Chinese eggs are made in two different ways. The first is called yu jiao or green tea egg, which is when the egg is boiled with white tea and served hot. The other is called xie Hua or black tea egg, which is boiled with black tea and served warm ביצים סיניות.

Chinese egg salad is another common Chinese snack food commonly served as a side dish, where a thinly crumbled cooked egg is lightly steamed with vegetables or herbs, and served hot. Sometimes, it is also served with spring rolls, which are made out of Chinese wheat wrappers. It is called yu jiao because the egg’s shell cracks when boiled, resulting in small darkish-green marbled patterns on the underside. This makes it very attractive to look at.

You can find this dish in any Chinese restaurant. Usually, it is served with Chinese cabbage and garnished with Chinese star anise. Chinese restaurants also use vegetable chunks, meats and seafood such as lobster, clams and mussels in the various egg dishes. Sometimes, beef and chicken are also added.

This dish is called yang zi (traditional name for egg white) and is prepared by boiling two egg whites and one green tea leaf in a large pot of hot water. After boiling, the boiled egg white is drained while the green tea is kept aside. Then, these two are combined and simmered for about three hours, until they become soft and creamy. This dish is considered a yin diet because of its rich nutritional content. Egg white contains high concentration of yin and yang, making it beneficial for your body and especially your heart and immune system.

This is another popular Chinese egg dish that is very nutritious. In this recipe, you will need a dozen or so eggs, three cups of green tea, three cups of white vinegar and five cups of water. Bring a small amount of water to a boil then wait for 10 minutes. Unfrost the vinegar and add the eggs. Cover for about five minutes before serving.

This dish is made by mixing yolk and white vinegar. You can also add a few drops of soy sauce if you want to enhance its flavor. When the yolk is soft, squeeze it until it releases its yang energy. Yang energy is the energy found in all things, including plants. The more yang energy you can release from your egg, the healthier you will feel.

This dish serves as an appetizer. It is best served chilled. Serve the yin and yang energy drink with it. You may also use fruit juice to accompany your egg drink. Another option is to add ginger, lemongrass, gurgeon meat and shrimps to the mix. This will give you a tasty and nutritious combination to take with you all day long.

These Chinese egg recipes are healthy because they incorporate the important elements of these foods into your diet. Eggs have protein and healthy fats, which help your body to gain muscle and burn fat. They contain Vitamin B and minerals, which provide you with energy and improve your immune system. Green tea improves your circulation and prevents illness. And vinegar adds an enzyme-creating power to your eggs, so you get more from each serving. This makes Chinese egg’s one of the most nutritious dishes you can eat!

The difference between the yang and yin in this dish is very pronounced. The term for yin in Chinese is “wu” and the term for yang is “han.” The word for you in Chinese is “ru.” The difference between the two words is that the yang on the word wu is soundless while the yin sounds louder. The sound of the yang is closer to the English “you.” When sounded together, the two words sound like “yin zi,” which means “to you up.”

Many Chinese egg recipes call for ham or smoked pork. If you can’t find either of these types of meat, you can substitute with another meat that is high in protein and low in fat. Pork is high in protein and low in fat. Another interesting thing about this Chinese egg dish is that ham or smoked pork can be used in place of the yin or yang in the recipe. This is a great tip because most Asian people will use ham or smoked pork because it is more affordable than the other choice.

You will also want to avoid adding salt to your eggs unless you are going to season it. The salt that you add to the eggs when cooking with these dishes can prevent the yin and yang from coming together and making for a nutritious and yummy dish. Chinese eggs are one of my all time favorites, and definitely a must try!

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